Are you tired of all the time you waste editing out annoying spots and debris from your digital images due to dirty CCD/CMOS sensors?  There is a solution!  Sensors get dirty. It is important to have your sensor checked and cleaned on a regular basis.  In other words, sensors do need periodic maintenance.

Before digital cameras, if a speck was to get onto the negative in a film camera, it would only show up on that frame. But when dust and/or debris penetrate the camera (film or digital), that single speck or even multiple specks would show up on all the frames.

When this happens, it means that cleaning is required.  Chicago Camera Specialists offers this kind of cleaning.  And in addition to cleaning the sensor, our lead technician will clean the exterior body of the camera including the LCD window, the viewfinder window, the reflex mirror and the mirror housing area.

We use manufacturer’s AC power supplies, sensor scopes, speck grabbers, PecPads & cleaning solutions to insure your CCD/CMOS sensor is clean.

And don’t forget you need regular maintenance to maintain clean sensors!